Friday, 9 June 2017

How to use Font Awesome icons in Photoshop?

Font Awesome icons in Photoshop

Hi All,

      I came up with a new article: How to use Font Awesome icons in Photoshop which is really helps a lot while designing.

In General, whenever we required any icon, We usually download it from any site and use it in our Photoshop or else we create it our self. This approach is in general but through this article, We are showing in another approach.

This article gives you in a step by step approach,  which easily able to add any icon from font awesome website site into your Photoshop.

Step 1: First go to font-awesome web site:
Step 2: Download & Extract the zip file
Step 3: Put the font either in .otf or .tif into your font location or else open it and install the font.
Step 4: Open the Photoshop and create a new file
            4.1: Choose Text(T) from toolbox
            4.2: Go to font awesome cheat sheet:
            4.3: Drag and Copy the icon which you want.
            4.4: Make sure you are in Text(T) selection and then paste it.
            4.5: Font changes automatically to font awesome type and increase or decrease the shape.

Steps to use Font Awesome Icons in Photoshop

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