Friday, 3 February 2017

How to undo send your email using GMAIL?

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If you mistakenly/unfortunately send emails to the persons either anyone of the following scenarios. The following scenarios are taken, for an example even there are many situations we may face it. Just for understanding we used these scenarios,

Did you send an email without completion?
Did you send an email with wrong/abuse words?
Did you send an email to the wrong person?
Don't worry, Gmail has a feature to recall/undo our sent email
Through this short article, Will show you how to enable Undo/Recall feature in GMAIL in a step by step manner.

1. Login to GMAIL Account.
2. Click on Gear/Settings icon which I highlighted in below image,
Pic: For Undo/Recall email using GMAIL

3. Choose Settings option

4. Navigate to General Tab

5. Find Undo Send option under General Tab,

6. If "Enable Undo Send" checkbox value is not checked then check the option and set the duration for cancellation period in seconds. 
Minimum is 5 seconds and Maximum is 30 seconds.

Pic for 4,5,6 points - Undo/Recall sent email
Ex: Once you set 10 seconds and sent an email. It means you can recall/undo your email within 10 seconds.

Gmail stores our email in buffer till the time(10 seconds), We can recall/undo our email only during that time.

7. And Final click on Save Changes. 

8. Compose any email and send. Once you sent, you see on top of your status it includes UNDO link also,
Pic after you sent an email
9. If you want to undo your email, just click on UNDO link and it will undo and then shows in compose window with draft format which like below,

Pic after undo your email

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Nuthan M.