Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Learn the languages and technologies for free over the internet

Hi my dear readers,

This article is very useful to all learners who are looking for learning through internet for free. I wrote this article for the main reason is, A lot of peoples spending money to learn general/regular courses like JAVA, .NET, PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHYTON and many more.... in online and as well as institutions even though the same courses provided in online for free which are delivering and teaching by experts from various organizations.

This article is mainly targeted to those people and should aware how in internet provides vast of learning opportunities to learners.

Having a some list of the websites which are providing for free to learn anything and some are paid subscription but even though you can learn for free to certain period.

1. : Provides 3 month free subscription for learning.
    Please navigate to the below link and should follow the steps,

2. Interactive Learning is the best way of learning, this website gives us the same thing to learners learn in interactively. Learn most important technologies and languages which they provided us like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, PHP and many more...

3. Similar like but through this website providing lots of learning opportunity  to learners and also have an opportunity to create or practise real time projects/tasks. There is group of peoples in community with their help can resolve our problem while learning/doing the tasks.

4. One of best website which gives lots of information which required to all of us. There are many categories like Internet, Social Media, Photography, Daily activities like many more we can able to learn.

5. : Learn technical courses which are mostly useful in our real time and provides almost fully about language/technology and it's a paid subscription but don't worry we can use this site and learn anything for free to 3 months.


  1. Go to
  2. Before login, a user should have an account with or
  3. Once you logon, click on my benefits link.
  4. It navigates to Dashboard page, there you can find wintellectnow portion then select it.
  5. It redirects to their home page and sign-up.
  6. Once you sign-up then you can access all the courses for 3 months free.        

6. MVA(Microsoft Virtual Academy): Microsoft provides vast number of tutorials for learning all most all the products of Microsoft and also they categorized based on level of experience and expertise on learning one.

7. - A site which provides you the best articles,videos and even many more based on your preferences and you can learn through this site for your life time free.

8.,, - These sites are providing you vast number of courses in different categories for free and is one of the best one to learn online for free.

So Why late, Start to learn and add up all your learning skills in your resume and do the projects once finish learning and gain more real time experience.

There are many more learning sites available in online will update you with more sites in coming articles.

I hope this article will help you to save money and time for learning and if you really feel about this article will help to others then please share it and also provide your valuable feedback.

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Happy Coding :)