Saturday, 7 May 2016

Difference between ASP.NET VS ASP.NET Core?

Hi All, Today we will learn what are the differences between ASP.NET VS ASP.NET Core.

Recently Microsoft Company announced and released ASP.NET Core as an Open Source.

Open Source means " Allows customization on code" i.e. Any user can add/modify the code for their own purpose and add own functionality in existing file and even we can publish our code changes for all other people who needs.

Now First what we need to understand is ASP.NET provides a platform to develop Sites and Services.

The below picture shows the difference between ASP.NET VS ASP.NET Core.

As observe in the above picture there is a difference in ASP.NET Core region.

ASP.NET Web Forms are not supporting in ASP.NET Core eventhough  the WEB Forms are matured and remaining all others sections  are working as usual.

I hope you understand the basic and important difference in both ASP.NET Vs ASP.NET Core.

Happy Coding:)