Wednesday, 28 January 2015

LifeCycle of ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC

ASP.NET Web Forms 

SILVER U is the short cut notation for ASP.NET Web Forms, Expanded each of letter below.

S - START  - Page starts
I - INIT - initialize the page
L- LOAD - Load the page
V - VALIDATE -  Validate the page
E- EVENT HANDLER - Handle all events
R- RENDER - render into HTML view
U- UNLOAD - At last unload the page

LifeCycle of ASP.NET MVC

In MVC, page life cycle is totally different which doesn't contain any events to fire but in MVC, Life cycle between URL request & response which process in below way,
1. URL is requested by browser
2. processed by IIS
3.  through Routing with handlers
4. Controller action called
5. Processed the request
6.  Response the result
7. render into browser.

If you want in detailed description then referred this link ASP.NET MVC Life Cycle. Which is original post.

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