Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Difference between Web Application and WebSites?

Most of the developers are confused on Web Application and WebSite options provided in ASP.NET for developing a new site. Even i also confused at initial stage.

Now i will explain some differences between web application & web site with my experience, By this to get some idea when to choose web application and web sites.

Real time example describes about Web Sites and Web Applications

Website - Providing information about sites (i.e., No Interaction by user)

Web Application - Along with information and also user can interactive with operations/functionality provided by site.


Web Application Web Site
Place all code files (.cs/.vb) in application folder structure and its pre-compiled into single dll.
i.e., one dll for all code files
 Place all code files(.cs/.vb) in App_Code folder and compiled into several dlls at runtime.i.e., several dlls for each code file.
Only one progrmming language  Create multi programming language in one website
i.e., one page using c# and another page created using vb.net
 Create automatically .csproj/.vbproj files(i.e., Include all files in the project and any references)No .csproj/.vbproj files
Pre-compile the site before deploymentNo need to compile the site before deployment
Only .aspx files need to deploy because pre-compiled dll's contain all details. Here we upload both .aspx and code behind files
If any changes in code need to re-compile the entire site
i.e., build/rebuild/clean the solution
 Upload only updated files instead of entire site.

These are the basic differences between Web Application and Web Site and i hope this will helpful to get an idea.

That's it,

Happy Coding:)