Tuesday, 13 January 2015

ASP.NET 4.0 Features

Listing all Asp.NET 4.0 Features

In all interviews, asking about features which are released in (2.0/3/0/3.5/4/0/4.5) versions. But now i will explain the features only for 4.0 in this post.

Listing all the 4.0 features in category wise below ,

ASP.NET Core Services

1. Refactoring Web.Config

2. Extensible Output Caching

3. Auto-Start Web Applications

4. Permanently Redirecting a Page

5. Session State Compression

6. Expanding the Range of allowable URL's

Extensible Request Validation

1. Object caching and Object Caching Extensibility

2. Extensible HTML, URL and HTTP Header Encoding

3. Performance Monitoring for Individual applications in a single worker process

4. jquery Included  with webforms and MVC

5. Content Delivery Network Support

6. ScriptManager Explicit Scripts

ASP.NET Web Forms

1. Setting Meta Tags with the Page.MetaKeywords and Page.MetaDescription Properties

2. Enabling ViewState for Individual Controls.

3. Support for recently introduced browser and devices

4. A New way to define browser capabilities

5. Routing in ASP.NET 4

6. Setting ClientId's

7. Persisting Row Selection in Data Controls

8. FormView Control Enhancements

9. ListView Control Enhancements

10. Filtering Data with QueryExtender Control.

11. Enhanced support for web standards and accessbility

Project Template Changes

ASP.NET 4 introduced two new templates for both Web Application and WebSite projects.

1.  Empty
2. Non-Empty

In Empty template,similar to web site layout which already having earlier versions except contain web.config file that specified target version of .NET framework

In Non-Empty template, having created many files which are not available in earlier versions. It includes master page,css,html, ajax and member ship related codes For reference to developer how build the application with the structure.

Dynamic Data

1. Enabling Dynamic Data for Individual Data-Bound Controls in Existing Web Applications

2. Declarative DynamicDataManager Control Syntax.

3. Entity Templates.

4. New Field Templates for URLs and E-mail Addresses

5. Creating Links with the DynamicHyperLink Control

6. Support for Inheritance in the Data Model

7. Support for Many-to-Many Relationships (Entity Framework Only)

8. New Attributes to Control Display and Support Enumerations

9. Enhanced Support for Filters

Here, i am not elaborate each feature in detail, if you want to know elaborate each feature  then click on the below link,


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